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Related post: Date: Fri, 4 May 2007 12:27:30 EDT From: Subject: Redneck InitiationThis is a homosexual fantasy, if it is illegal for you to read it for any reason please leave now. Because it is a fantasy the sex will be unprotected; in the real world please practice safe sex. This story preteen movie hardcore is dedicated to Mike, a friend from the USA. I have set the story in the USA, but, never having been there in the 1960's, please bear with me if any of the details don't ring true.Hi, I'm Paul and I'd like to tell you about my first gay experience, I've never told anyone else about it. It took place in the mid sixties. Nowadays I'm retired and live in Mexico with a number of ever changing "houseboys". I made a lot of money in the dotcom revolution, getting out just before the bubble burst. This is how it happened: I'd preteen in tights been orphaned at the age of 5, both my parents were killed in a car crash. My nearest living relative was my Mother's elder brother John, after three months of being in care he came and took me to his home. He had a farm in Kansas, the nearest big town was Russell, I don't remember much about the journey there. I was still in shock over the loss of my parents, in fact I slept most of the way from Kansas City to the farm. My Uncle was a stern man, always reading the bible, but he didn't go to church, saying that all you needed to know to worship God was in the bible. He schooled me at home in Math, Geography and English, and I had to start working on his farm straight away. As I grew the work got harder and harder, we grew vegetables, and kept chickens, we also had a milk cow. I always went to sleep as soon as I got into bed I was so tired. The only visitor we ever had was Sheriff Wade, he was the County Sheriff; and he always dropped by on Monday evenings. He'd say hello to me, then ask me a couple of questions, to see how my education was going I guess, then he and my Uncle would sit on the porch and play chess for a couple of hours. My Uncle said that they were old army buddies. I never saw my Uncle naked; when we bathed he'd fill an old tin bath in the kitchen and send me to my room while he bathed. Then he'd call me and I had to use his water, he'd go to his room so that he didn't see me naked. When I'd finished and dressed I'd call him and we'd take the bath outside to empty it. I didn't find it strange it was what I was used to. We both wore dungarees, when it was hot my Uncle wouldn't let me work with the top down, he thought nakedness, even your chest, was sinful. So, although I worked outside, the only tan I had was where my skin preteen rcp showed through the dungarees. The only clothes I had were two pairs of dungarees, one to wear and one to wash; I also had a few white T-shirts for when it got cold. I had a straw hat to protect me from the sun and I wore thick socks and heavy work boots. My Uncle never gave me any underpants to wear. My Uncle sold his vegetables in town and delivered the eggs to nearby neighbours. Just after I was 14 he came home from town one day with a rusted old delivery bike. He got it working and from then on I delivered the eggs every morning, so I got to meet a few housewives to talk to. I enjoyed that, it was the only interaction I had with anyone other than my Uncle and Sheriff Wade. At the one house the granddad was usually rocking on the porch and I used to exchange a few words with him if he was awake. We had staple, solid food, meat only on Sundays and fish on Fridays. Uncle didn't talk cute preteen thong to me much, but was always quoting the scriptures to me. When I reached fourteen he'd lectured me on the "sins of the flesh." I didn' t really know what he meant; sexually I was a late developer. I had my first wet-dream just before my 15th birthday. When I told my uncle and showed him the cum-stained sheets, he hit the roof; it remember preteen beauties was the only time he hit me, putting me across his knee and spanking me. He told me that I had to learn to control my bodily functions or the Devil would take over my mind. But my cock had a mind of its own and I was soon wanking off several times a day. Though I was very careful after my spanking to make sure that I didn't cum in my bed. My cock got hard several times throughout the day, and, although I felt guilty as Hell, thumb hairless preteen I'd find a hiding place and toss myself off, it seemed the natural thing to do. Afraid that european preteen interracial my Uncle might notice my continual hard-ons I used to run a strip of cloth from my belly button, over my preteen in speedos cock, under my legs and up through my hairless little nude preteen arse-crack, tying another strip of cloth around my waist to hold it in place. I also found out that if I wanked off in the outhouse directly before going to bed I didn't have a wet dream. On my fifteenth birthday I asked my Uncle if I could have some pocket money, the granddad had mentioned it to me one of the times he was awake. My Uncle started ranting and raving about how ungrateful I was, he housed me, he fed me, he clothed me, what did I need money for he shouted. When I mentioned it to the housewives they told me if I took them a few extra eggs, they'd pay me separately for them. That was OK; my Uncle hadn't kept count of the eggs since I'd taken over their delivery. It wasn't much money but it was mine and I kept it carefully hidden away. About six months into my fifteenth year I saw something that shocked me, but turned me on a hell of a lot. I was coming back from my Uncle's farthest field, walking along the hedgerow, when I heard someone groaning, but not like they were in nnude preteens pain. It was early evening and the light was fading. Some intuition stopped me from calling out; I found a fresh preteen model gap sleeping preteen in the hedge and peered through. There were public woods on the other side of the hedge and I was looking at a clearing. A bare-chested man around 30 was stood with his jeans around his ankles, he was doing the moaning. His hands were on the head of Karl, an 18 or 19 year old local farm boy I knew by sight. Karl was naked and kneeling in front of the man with his face buried in the man's groin, while he wanked his own cock. I held my hand over my mouth to stop myself gasping out loud. Karl had the man's cock in his mouth! And from the way preteen biz Karl's cheeks were going in and out and nude preteen cuties the slurping sounds he was making, he was sucking on it. I was fascinated and I got an instant hard on. I slipped my hand into my dungarees pocket slit, took hold of my cock, and started wanking it, keeping pace with Karl. After several minutes the man gasped. "Keep going Karl I'm almost there." But I beat them both to it as my cum blasted from my rigid cock into the restraining preteen yong girls cloth. I was still cumming when the man pulled what looked like a massive cock from Karl's mouth and started shooting thick ropes of cum onto Karl' s face and hair. Then Karl groaned and his spunk started shooting from his cock onto the man's legs. As Karl finished cumming the man hauled him to his feet and they kissed passionately. Still holding my cock I backed away and headed for home; that scene became my wank off fantasy, of course I was Karl. I couldn 't get over how big the man's cock had seemed compared to mine; and Karl's for that matter which only seemed a little longer and thicker than my own 4 incher. I looked for them all the time after that but I only ever saw them one more time a few weeks later. The same time, the same clearing only this time Karl was bent over a fallen tree and the man was sticking his cock up Karl's bumhole. Karl must have liked it because I could see he'd cum already, his spunk a white trail down the bark; and he was moaning in ecstasy as the man fucked his big cock in and out of Karl's bumhole. Needless to say, I grabbed my erecting cock and started to furiously toss it just as the man yanked his big cock from Karl's bumhole; Karl rolled over and the man shot his cum all over Karl's body. I shot my load almost immediately after; then I hurried away, trying to take in what I'd seen. Cocks could be sucked and bumholes could be fucked! So now I had 2 fantasies to wank over, and I was Karl in both of them. One Wednesday, shortly after my sixteenth birthday, my Uncle had to go into hospital in Russell for a minor operation on his hand, he'd be leaving at mid-day. He'd stay overnight in a motel and get back the next day about 9:00 in the morning. As usual when he left me on my own at the farm he put my bike in the back of his truck so that I couldn't use it. Before he drove off he told me to do my usual chores, and then clean out the hen-house. As I did my usual chores I got angrier and angrier, I hated cleaning the hen-house, and I think that was what made me decide to run away. It was coming up to five o'clock, I finished what I was doing and went and washed, then I had something to eat. I took my money from its hiding place, and stuffed it down my sock before I put my boots on. I had put a clean T-shirt on under my clean dungarees; they were too small for me really, but my Uncle had said that the material was still good so they'd have to last me another six months. They really pre teen booty emphasised my high, firm bum! Then I put my hat on; I didn't bother with any cloth to restrain my cock. Finally I filled a bottle with water and set off, walking in the direction of the Interstate. It was the opposite way to the direction I usually took and I'd no preteens lol cp idea how far away it was. It must have been getting on for nine and preteen model honey the sun was setting, I knew I'd have to find somewhere to shelter for the night, but I hadn't seen a farm or any traffic. I was about to pray for divine intervention when I heard a truck coming up the road behind me, so I stuck out my thumb. Oh, before I go any further I'd better describe myself at 16. I was just about 5ft tall, 8 stone, with a firm, wiry body with a flat stomach; I was strong from working on the farm. I had roughly cut tow-hair, my skin was pale and I had no body hair. My eyes were brown and the housewives used to say I looked angelic. I was tanned deep brown where my skin showed through my dungarees. My nipples were big, brown and protruded a lot, but I didn't know that at the time, I had no comparisons. I had a high, firm, dimpled bum, and a thin, 4 ½ inch uncut cock with a white shaft and faint flat blue veins; it had grown a preteen girls stripping bit in the last six months. My foreskin was on the tight side, and when my cock was rock-hard it peeled back to reveal a bright, shiny red knob which was rounded and just slightly thicker than my cock-shaft. My balls were average size for my age, (I've since found out, being a connoisseur of young guys) in a hairless, tight, red ballsac. There were a few sparse, light brown pubic hairs above my cock. russian preteen boys Apart from a dusting of golden down on my legs the rest of my body was hairless. The truck, an old flat-bed Dodge like my Uncle's, pulled up in front of me and I ran up to the door. The man in the passenger seat wound down the window and leaned his elbow on the sill. "Climb up on the running board so we can see you boy." I took hold of the sill and pulled myself up onto the running board. "Where you going to boy?" I looked into a pair of blue eyes set in the sunburnt face of a man in his early thirties; he was good looking in a rugged, rough sort of way. Beyond him I could see two other men peering out at me. The one in the middle was a younger, handsomer version of the man that had spoken to me. He looked to be in his mid to late twenties. They were both wearing dirty white, tight T-shirts and baggy old working jeans. They both had freckles and crew-cut ginger hair. The driver was a much older man, probably only a few years younger than my uncle; his hair was long, lank and black. He was wearing grubby dungarees with a grey, once white, T-shirt underneath. I was sure that the driver had moved his hand from the younger guys lap as I first glanced into the cabin, weird. Taking my hat off I nervously answered him. "I'm aiming to get to the Interstate sir. Could you give me lift?" He turned back to the other two men and there was a brief whispered conversation. I nude preteen bikinis strained to hear, but only caught a few odd words here and there: where' s he from, alone, how old, sweet buns, horny, fuck a rabbit, saves my ass. Then blue-eyes turned back to me. "Where you from boy?" "Er, I live with my uncle, John Ritter, on his farm." The preteen gallery brazil driver swore, and preteen play then growled out. "That sanctimonious, bible thumping old bastard! Me and him have had a few run-ins in our time; I can't stand the mean old bastard." Blue eyes reached down and lifted my chin. "Why do you want the Interstate boy, running away?" I felt a tear well up, I sniffed. "Yes sir, I've just turned 16 and my Uncle still treats me like a slave; I work all day and everyday and he doesn't pay me a dime. I've had enough." "Does he mess with you?" "What do you mean sir?" "Nothing boy, nothing, if you don't know what I mean then he doesn't. Anyway it's a good 3 hour drive to the Interstate, why don't you spend the night with us? I'll run you to the Interstate tomorrow. I'm Jed, this here's my brother Ned and driving is our uncle Ray." "Thank you sir, I was beginning to wonder where I was going to sleep. I'm Paul by the way." Not knowing where the Interstate was I had to believe Jed, and I was so grateful for the offer of a place to spend the night, I was a bit afraid of the dark. "OK boy, sorry Paul, climb down." When I was on the ground Jed opened the door. "There's not much room Paul, so you'll have to sit on my lap." I climbed back up and sat in Jed's lap. I looked across at Ned and Ray and nodded and smiled at them, they smiled back at me and Ned patted my thigh in a friendly manner. He left his hand on my thigh and as I glanced down I saw that the buttons on the fly of his jeans were undone. I could see some crinkly ginger hairs poking out, I blushed and looked away. Just then Jed held onto my sides and moved me about on his lap. "Just getting us both comfortable Paul. OK Uncle Ray, take us home." The truck rattled and bounced around, especially when we left the road and we turned onto a dirt track. I could feel something hard lying along my arse-crack; naïve as I was back then I presumed it was the buttons of Jed's fly. Ned' s hand was still on my thigh and he was making small stroking motions. I had another glance at his groin and saw that there was a bulge in his jeans which was running down his muscled thigh. Then I threw a boner! I was so embarrassed, so I looked back out the window and hoped no one in the cab could see it. The three men were laughing and joking amongst themselves, and they were sharing a thick cigarette which smelled funny. Within 20 minutes we pulled up outside a ramshackle single storey house that had seen better days. Jed spoke. "OK Paul, we're home. Out you get and follow Ned and Uncle Ray into the house while I park the truck; Uncle Ray's hopeless at it." Then Jed spoke to Uncle Ray. "No touching Ray, were going to do this nice and slow. You hear?" "Sure, sure." Ray muttered as he hauled himself out of the cabin. I didn't know what Jed was talking about, I was just grateful to climb out of the cab. When I was out I put my hand in my pocket, well it's just a slit in dungarees, and grabbed my stiff preteens kissing preteens cock and held it against my belly to hide it. Uncle Ray led the way and Ned followed me. After the front door there was a central passageway with a couple of doors off it. There was no door at the end; we just walked into a large room. To the left was a kitchen area, and to the right a living-room area. In the middle were a large table and some chairs. It wasn't very clean, in fact it was dirty, and the sink was stacked high with dirty dishes. It was so dirty and such a mess it made my Uncle's house look like a palace. I was beginning to doubt the wisdom of taking the lift, but, in reality there'd been no alternative. My cock was softening by now so I took my hand out of my dungarees. Ned pushed my bum, almost a caress. "Take a seat at the table Paul." I went and sat as Ray crossed the room and opened a cupboard and carried a demijohn back to the table. I'd seen one like it once before at the granddad's house and he'd told me it contained liquor, moonshine. My uncle was always preaching on about the evils of alcohol. Ned had gone to the sink, I heard water running and he came back to the table with four battered, chipped, enamel mugs; he placed one before me and the rest by the demijohn. I saw why his fly was open, all the buttons bar the top one were missing, and I couldn't help noticing a mass of crinkly little preteen girl ginger hair poking out as he sat beside me. Ray then sat down the other side of me. Just then Jed walked in. "Move Ray, I get to sit next to the kid." The way Ray moved it was obvious that Jed was in charge here. Jed put his big rough hand on my shoulder. "I know the place is a bit of a mess boy, but don't worry, you'll be bunking in the barn, it's cleaner in there. We don't actually live here, you could call it our "hunting lodge" we hang-out and fish and shoot here." Ned laughed into his hand, and Ray, who was filling their mugs with moonshine, giggled; Jed shot them both a stern glance. Once again I was too naïve to catch on. Ray passed the mugs out and Ned lit another of those thick smelly cigarettes. Jed reached over and pulled the demijohn to him, then he picked up my mug and filled about a third of it from the demijohn and held it out to me. "Here you go boy drink this, it'll make a man of you." "Er, I don't drink sir, er Jed, my Uncle disapproves of alcohol." "You're not at your Uncle's now boy, you're with us." Jed's voice went stern. "Are you refusing our hospitality boy?" I was getting a bit frightened at my situation by now, alone in a house with 3 grown men and no idea exactly where I was. So I stammered out a reply as I took the mug from him. "No sir, I'll try and drink it." I took a mouthful and spat it back, it tasted awful. Ned reached for my mug. "Don't panic the boy Jed, the first taste's always bad. Hold on and I'll top it up with root beer. You like root beer don't you Paul?" I nodded my head and Ned went to a cupboard and returned with a bottle of root beer. He topped my mug up with it. All the time Jed and Ray were staring at me and passing the cigarette back and forth. I tasted the new drink, it wasn't too bad, just harsh; after two mouthfuls I put the mug down. Jed picked it up and held it out to me again; there was menace in his voice as he spoke. "All of it boy, you must be thirsty after all that walking!" When I took the mug back off him my hand was trembling, so I held it with both hands and mentally gritting my teeth I started to drink it down. It took me two goes but I finally managed to finish it. My throat burned and my eyes were watering. Jed patted me on the back none too gently as I coughed. "Well done boy. Ned, pour him another. It's OK boy, you can take your time with this one." As I sipped at my drink the men continued drinking and smoking as they talked amongst themselves, some times about me I think and other times cracking jokes which had words in them I didn't understand. I started feeling woozy and tired and my body got all loose. I even started laughing at their jokes, although I didn't really understand them, and I noticed that they looked at each other when I did. It was youngest preteen galleries getting dark and Ray got up and switched on the lights, I' d heard preteen lotias nude the generator thrumming in the background, like at my Uncle's. When I finally managed to finish my second mug I realised that I needed to take a shit, eating my Uncle's high fibre diet made me very regular, I always used the lavatory before I went to bed. I hiccupped and turned to Jed. "Jed, I need to use the lavatory please." They burst out laughing, and then Jed answered. "Open the back preteenbare feet model door, then piss off the porch boy, like we do." "No sir, preteen free gallerie er, um, I mean a number 2." I went bright red and the room went silent, I could almost hear their minds working then Jed spoke again. "The, um, out-house is outside boy, on the left, it faces away from the house. You'll have to step over a small stream to get to it. It's dark outside now so Ray will give you a lamp, there's a nail on the wall to hang it on." Ray hauled himself to his feet and fetched me a battered old storm lantern. He primed it, lit it and handed it to me. "Thank you Ray, I'll go and do my business then." I blushed again, almost staggered as I got to my feet, and hurried through the back door, thankful that it was a warm night. My head was spinning and I felt weird, obviously I was what my Uncle called drunk. After jumping over the stream, and nearly falling over, I found the out-house, there was no door on it. I shone the lantern inside, it was in a worse state than the house, there were several planks missing from the 3 walls; and it stank. The floor was basically mud. There were 2 poles stretching from wall to wall over a deep hole and I could hear running water, then I saw that the stream ran at the bottom of the hole. I'd seen a lavatory similar to this before and knew I'd have to hold onto the higher pole, sit my thighs on the other, and hang my bum over the hole. I looked around, located the nail in the wall, which was by the sitting pole, and hung the lantern preteen elite nude on it. I undid the shoulder straps of my dungarees and took them off hanging them from a hook in the ceiling. I positioned myself over the hole and grabbed the higher pole. I must have looked a right sight from behind with my naked body and hairless white bum on full display! I tried to relax, and was rewarded with my first stool pushing out of my hole as I pissed into the stream. Due to my high fibre diet my stools were nearly always long and firm, like smaller, brown versions of my cock. In fact, since I 'd started to cum, when preteen tgp x I took a shit it sent tingles through my cock when the stools came out of my bumhole. As the first one plopped into the stream I heard mutterings behind the out-house; in my naiveté I thought the men were probably outside pissing! Then my second stool forced it way out of my hole and joined the first in the stream. Finally a third smaller one joined the other two. There were some torn up squares of newspaper on a nail below the lamp, so I used a couple of squares to wipe myself. It wasn't a very clean job, but I thought there'd be a water source somewhere by the barn and I'd be able to clean myself better before I bedded down. I got off the poles carefully, I was very unsteady by now. Somehow I managed to get my dungarees back on without touching the floor. Taking down the lamp I made my way back to the house, negotiating the stream very carefully this time. My head was spinning a bit, my body felt weird, but I felt happy. As I entered the room Ned called me to the table and offered me another mug of moonshine and root-beer. I put the lantern down next to another two that had been lit, and took the mug. I was getting too drunk to care and I was beginning to like being drunk, so I knocked the drink back in one go. I'd just placed the mug back on the table when Ray and Jed grabbed me from behind, taking a wrist each, and then they undid my dungaree straps, then they let go of my wrists and grasped my arms firmly. Ned had dropped to his knees and he yanked my dungarees down to my ankles and I stood there in all my glory, totally dazed and confused. Because I was so drunk it took me a few seconds to realise my predicament. I cried out, my voice high pitched and slurred. "Hey, what are you doing to me? Let me go." Then I started struggling to free myself, but Jed and Ray preteen nn underage were far too strong for me to have any hope of breaking free. Jed called out. "Ned, take his feet out of his dungarees, but leave his boots on, all the better for when we string him up." String me up? I was getting really scared by now, so I didn't attempt to kick out at Ned as he started to remove my dungarees. When Ned had freed my dungarees he tossed them aside. I squealed as he fondled my soft cock, then my ball-bag. I shouted. "Fuck off (I'd never sworn before, but I was getting really frightened) you, you perverts, leave me alone." They just ignored me; Ned let go and stood up. "Nice little boy cock he's got, uncut and almost hairless, his balls are OK too, in a cute, ukraine preteen tgp tight, hairless ball-bag. He looks more like a 12 year old than a 16 year old. What's his arse like guys?" Jed's calloused hand caressed my arse-cheeks then squeezed them and gave me a hard slap on one of them causing me to jump and squeal. "It's beautiful Ned, white, totally hairless, high and firm, just how we like em!" I started to cry, and sobbed as I spoke. "Let me go please, please leave me alone, you're frightening me." That hairless preteen pussies earned me another hard slap on the other cheek. "Stop crying like a baby, boy; and you can scream as preteen free download much as you like; there' s no one for miles around. Do as you're told and we'll let you go in the morning, I might even take you to the Interstate, it's only half an hour's drive away. What's going to happen to you has happened to lots of young boys we've come across, and most of em ended up liking it. We're taking you out to the barn now, and then we're going to have a lot of fun playing with your body!" I sobbed quietly to myself as they picked up a lantern each and frog-marched me out of the door. I remembered what I'd seen being done to Karl, but somehow didn't think this would be the same. They lifted me over the stream with ease and led me to the barn. It was in a much better condition than the house, better even than my Uncle's. Ned opened a Judas gate and preteen hairless led the way in, throwing a switch as he entered which lit up the whole barn. preteen pedo pix I looked around in amazement and gasped, there was a centre stage area and, on three sides of it, there were tiers of wooden benches four levels high. There were ropes and chains hanging from the rafters down to the stage. Either side of the doors there were stacks of different equipment toplist preteenmodel and some bales of hay. Jed chuckled at my reaction. "Men are prepared to pay to see us preteens stocking pix "use" a boy, some of them even pay more to join in. Pity we found you too late in the day to set a show up." I shuddered and hunched over trying to squeeze my thighs around my shrivelled cock to hide it. Jed turned to the other two. "What do you think guys, the saw-horse?" They grinned wickedly and chorused their approval. Jed threw his powerful arms around me pulling me upright and pinning my arms to my sides as Ned and Ray carried something onto the stage. I dropped my head and started crying again, I 'd enough sense to know that they were going to use my body for sex. I could feel Jed's rough jeans rubbing against my naked buttocks as he moved to and fro, and the hardening object wasn't his fly buttons, it was his cock. "Stop snivelling boy and look at the stage, see what we'll be fucking you on. " I sniffed and looked up; Ned and Ray had set up what looked like a saw-horse but I could see it was wider and there was a shelf like thing at the one end. >From all the bits and pieces on the legs and underneath I guessed it was adjustable. Ray and Ned were just finishing bolting it to the stage. There was a small table to one side of it. Ned straightened up and spoke. "I think the kid's about the same size as that 14 year old Mexican kid we did last weekend Jed; so he should fit OK on the horse." "I think you're right bro, right, let's get ptsc preteen spread him ready." Jed spun me around and threw his arms back around me, then he carried me onto the stage with ease and sat me down on one end of the horse, which had been covered with a stained blanket. Ned and Ray took hold of street candid preteen my arms; by now I was resigned to my fate, I'd never been an aggressive boy, I just prayed I'd get out of this safely. I reasoned that the less trouble I gave them the less I'd get hurt. Jed took hold of a rope and tied it around one of my ankles above my boot, then he did the same to the other one. Then Ned and Ray lay me down and adjusted my body so that the curve of my arse-cheeks was just off the edge of the horse. My head was resting on the shelf; and Ned lifted it and put a dirty cushion under it. "So that you can watch us get you ready boy." I watched as Jed pulled on another rope and my legs rose in the air until they were at right angles to my body. He crossed to the other side of the horse and pulled on another rope and my legs started to open. Jed kept pulling until my legs were stretched so wide that I whimpered with pain. Ned spoke with quiet authority. "Loosen the rope a bit Jed, we don't want him split in two, do we." Jed shot an angry look at Ned, but, amazingly, he slackened the rope a little, which eased the pain. So Ned has some authority too, I thought to myself. All the while this was happening they were talking about the Mexican kid who they 'd had last week. Apparently they'd given a show Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday night; then what Ray said next made me shudder with fear. "That was the best Sunday, when the kid's hole was stretched so much that Old Tom fucked him with his cock while he'd got his fist buried up his boy-pussy. No need for them to break him in at that male whorehouse you sold him to in Mexicali!" They all laughed dirtily. I couldn't believe my ears; someone had put his fist and his cock up the Mexican boys bum! It wasn't possible surely; a bumhole was too small to take all that? And they'd sold him on to a whorehouse; and he was only 14! I prayed that nobody would try and put their fist up my bum. Ned and preteen sex hard Ray then proceeded to tie my arms to the legs of the horse while Jed fetched a wide leather belt and strapped it around my chest just below my nipples. So there I was, tied and strapped down with my bumhole completely vulnerable to attack; my little cock had shrivelled away to nothing. Jed turned to Ray. "I forgot we used all the Crisco last weekend, go and get a new can from the house; and bring the moonshine back too." Ray set off for the house and Ned followed him out of the door. I heard a hand pump, then Ned returned with a wet piece of rag. As he approached the horse Jed stroked my quivering belly with a large, calloused hand and leered down at me. I started when Ned wiped my arse-crack with the cold, wet, cloth, I started again when he poked a twist of it into my bumhole and twisted it about. "Just cleaning your bumhole out a bit boy, though with your hard stools you shouldn't be too dirty." I went bright red; they'd watched me take my shit, how embarrassing. I also noticed that Ned was being gentle with my bumhole. Jed pinched a nipple to get my attention. "Mmmm, nice big titties boy. Now, have you ever sucked a cock?" I gulped and my voice was high, squeaky and shaking as I answered. " No sir." "Good, Ned can take your boypussy's cherry, and I can take your virgin mouth. Ray can play with your body while we're raping you, then he can have your boypussy until Ned and me are ready for seconds. Only the second time my big cock will be in your boypussy while Ned, hopefully fucks your throat." I couldn't take it all in, I was still drunk. I could feel my tears running down my cheeks as I lay there totally vulnerable, and sobbing almost silently. Ray returned with a big tin of Crisco, the jug of moonshine and some mugs and put them on the table. They started to undress; when they were naked Jed spoke to me. "Take a good look at what you're going to get boy." Jed, who was around six foot two, was well built and muscled, with the slightest beginning of a beer-belly. As I said he, and his brother, were ginger headed with a crop cut. Jed's body was white with very little red body hair. He was holding an 8 ½ inch thick, uncut cock, its torpedo shaped knob was as wide as the cock shaft at the start, but the cock shaft widened in the middle before narrowing to its base, which was as thick as the top. The shaft of his cock was white like his body and I could see thick, deep blue veins. His balls looked big and were encased in a ginger haired, very hairy ballsac. I'd thought the man I saw with Kirk had a big cock, was I mistaken! Ned was a smaller, fitter version of his brother, around six foot, and with a washboard stomach instead of a slight beer-belly. His veined cock was similar to his brother's, but about an inch shorter and not quite so thick. His balls looked bigger than Jed's, and he had as much ginger pubic hair. Ray was probably 5ft 10, he was heavy set with a pronounced beer-belly, his pecs were flabby, like a woman's tits; his body was running to seed. He had lank black hair and a pale hairy body, he wasn't attractive. His cock was about 6 inches free preteen tiny and boys preteen swedish cut, it was thinner than the other two. His flared knob was purple and his cock-shaft was brown. He had a very low hanging, hairy ballsac, and smaller balls than the brothers' were. Jed opened the jug and poured moonshine into the four mugs. He came over to me and lifted my head until it hurt. "You'd better drink some of this boy, it'll help deaden the pain when we start fucking you." I didn't argue, I was dreading what was coming and I needed all the help I could get. I spluttered when the raw, undiluted spirit went down, but I managed a second gulp. Seeing that I'd had enough Jed removed the cushion, and my head lay back hardcore preteen forum on the shelf. The three of them took a large swig from their mugs and put them back on the table. Jed came and russian preteen art stood behind my head and I was staring at his cock and balls. He leered preteen models angel at me. "OK boy open your mouth wide, and watch your teeth on my cock. Do exactly as you're told and you won't get hurt. You'll take some desi pre teens pain of course, but you' ll get used to it, even get to like it, most of "our" boys do." They all laughed again, it was frightening. I opened my mouth wide and Jed pulled his foreskin back and then put his shiny red knob into my mouth, I didn't know what to do. "Lick my illegal preteen pix knob boy, get used to the taste of a real man's cock and porn preteen images precum." So that was what you called the clear liquid that comes out of your cock before you cum preteen models pix I thought as I tentatively took my first lick of a man's cock. Jed' s cock tasted salty and as I licked I felt only preteen babes precum ooze from his cock-slit; there was a faint fishy taste to it. Jed pushed a bit more of his cock into my mouth. "OK boy, now start sucking, but don't preteen photo index stop licking either." As I concentrated on sucking Jed's big fat cock I'd forgotten about the other two, so I jumped when Ned smeared my hairless arse-crack with Crisco and gently poked some inside my bumhole. Then Ray started to run his calloused hands all over my torso, before he concentrated on my nipples, pinching and squeezing them until they erected. "Nice big titties boy." Ray exclaimed as he continued torturing them. I was writhing on the horse as I tried to keep sucking and licking Jed's throbbing cock. His big hairy ballbag was making it hard for me to breathe as it lay against my face. Then things got worse, I cried out in agony as Ned unceremoniously pushed his thick, 7 ½ inch cock into my bumhole and through my sphincter, thankfully he stopped when his knob was fully inside my body. "OK boy, I'll give you a erotic preteen pichures couple young preteens pic of minutes to get used to my cock." I lay there struggling to breath, I'd stopped working on Jed's cock the second Ned's knob had breached my sphincter; the pain was that intense, I actually thought he'd split me open. Ray stopped abusing my nipples, then I felt his lank hair brush my trembling belly. I gasped again as his mouth engulfed my shrivelled cock and then my ballbag. He started to sort of chew on my cock and balls sending another weird sensation through my quivering body; then I realised I couldn't feel his teeth. Ned chuckled. "Pity you're not hard boy, if you were you'd really enjoy it; cuz when Ray takes his false teeth out he's the best cocksucker in 4 counties." My breathing was a little more regular by now and Jed spoke, his voice full of lust. "OK Ned, go for it; and you preteen wearing lingerie boy carry on young preteen masterbating working on my cock, I can't wait to pump my cum into your virgin mouth." As I started working on Jed's cock again Ned forced his cock up my bumhole until I could feel his crinkly pubes scratching my hairless arse-cheeks. I actually screamed around Jed's cock the pain was so intense yet again, especially when the thickest part of Ned's cock-shaft forced my sphincter even wider apart. Then Ned started to fuck my bumhole with long steady strokes, I was moaning in agony as his cock slid up and down my channel. Jed flicked my nipples to get illegal preteen tits my attention. "Hey boy, don't forget my cock; and Ray get off the kid's cock and go and lick Ned's arse while he fucks the preteen schoolgirl pics kid, you know how much Ned likes a juicy tongue in his black preteen fuck arse-crack." My jaws ached, my arsehole ached, my nipples ached, my legs ached, and pain was racking my trembling body, but, fearful of what would happen if I didn't comply I struggled to suck and tongue Jed's cock as he fucked it in and out of my mouth in, punchy, one inch strokes, his ball-bag slapping against my face. Ned had increased the pace of his strokes and he was pulling his thick cock back to his knob before plunging his 7 ½ inch cock back into my body. Then I felt Jed's ball-bag start to tighten when Ned grunted. "Fucking hell, his boypussy is so fucking tight I'm almost ready to cum!" "Me too bro, the sight of your sweet cock fucking his tiny hole is such a turn on, and he's beginning to suck my cock like an old pro, he'll be deep throating us all next." They all laughed, then Jed addressed me again. "Get ready boy, I'm about to shoot my load too, and you'd better eat it all."Could it get any worse I thought, preteen bodybuilder I've got to eat his cum! Then Jed's ballbag tightened again and he shouted out. "I cumming, I'm cumming, eat my big load of mancum boy!" As the first jet of thick hot mancum hit the back of my mouth Ned thrust hard into my abuse bumhole and started to buck. "Jesus Christ Jed I'm filling his guts with my cum too, both his holes being filled with our family cum together, awesome." And I felt Ned's 7 ½ inch cock thicken inside me as he shot jet after jet of his mancum into my insides, slapping my arse-cheeks every time he shot. By now Jed's thick, salty cum was filling my mouth as I desperately tried to swallow it all; but there was too much, and I sort of choked and spluttered and some of Jed's cum shot from my nose, as more trickled from my mouth. "Hey Ray get up here and look at this, Jed's shot so much spunk it's cumming out of the kid's nose. Just like that 13 year old runaway last month!" Finally they'd both finished cumming and I hoped my ordeal was over, forgetting what Jed had told me. One thing I realised as I solo preteens xxx lay there covered in sweat, I'd like the taste of Jed's thick, salty cum. With a loud, wet plop Ned yanked his cock from my battered bumhole and Ray immediately pushed his 6 inch cock into my bumhole in its place. Then he proceeded to rapidly fuck my bumhole, grunting like a pig as he did it, and his long, loose ball-bag made loud slapping sounds as it smacked against my hairless arse-cheeks. I must admit I'd hardly felt blog preteen sexy his smaller cock go past my distended sphincter, and the japanese busty preteen pain I'd been feeling had subsided to a dull ache. As Ray pounded away at my bumhole, accompanied by loud squelching, I could feel something gooey trickling from my bumhole and dripping onto the stage. Ray's ball bag was so long it was slapping hard against the bottom of my hairless arse-cheeks. Ned came and stood by his brother, whose fairly hard cock was still in my mouth. "OK Jed pull out and let the kid clean off my cock." I was mortified, Ned wanted to put his cock into my mouth after it had been up my bum! Jed withdrew his cock and before Ned could do anything I closed my mouth tight. Ned and Jed burst out laughing then Jed pinched my cummy nose closed until I had to open my forum photo preteen mouth to breath, and Ned pushed his half hard cock into my mouth. "Listen up boy, you'd better do as you're told or Jed here will tan your arse with his belt until he fetches blood; he likes to do that to little boys who misbehave. Now clean my cock." I could well believe that about Jed, so I decided I'd try not to upset them, I was getting punished enough as it was. As I took Ned's cock into my mouth I could see that there were a few streaks of my shit on Ned's cock along with Ned 's cum, but one good thing, there wasn't any blood. I gulped and started to work cleaning Ned's dirty cock. So there I was, strung up, being fucked and cleaning off a cock that had just come out of my bumhole preteen nn jpg and was covered in cum, shit and my bumhole juices. Then, the weirdest thing happened, my cock began to stiffen, of course I now know that it was Ray's cock repeatedly banging against my sphincter that was causing my cock to stiffen. Ray called out in gasps. "Hey .. guys .. the little .. fucker's .. getting into it, .. he's getting hard!" Jed immediately leaned over my groin, he held the base of my stiffening cock so that as my cock quickly went rigid my foreskin was held back exposing my bright red knob. When my cock was at its full 4 ½ inches Jed started licking my knob. Waves of pleasure washed over me and I forgot about Ned's cock in my mouth and Ray fucking me. It felt incredible having someone using his mouth on my cock, especially when Jed took my cock into his mouth and started sucking while still lapping at my exposed knob with his tongue. I came back to reality when I heard Ray shout. "Oh Jesus F. Christ! Get ready boy here comes my mancum!" Ray grabbed my legs around my thighs and pulled me towards him, burying his 6 inch cock as far up my channel as he could, then his body convulsed and I felt him start pumping load after load of hot mancum into my channel, I was surprised at how much spunk he was producing. "Oh what a sweet tight arsehole you've got boy. Now get ready preteen nymph messageboard for my second load." I couldn't believe it, Ray's cock had stayed rock hard and he started to fuck my bumhole for a second time. I groaned around Ned's cock as Ray's balls resumed their banging against my hairless arse-cheeks. If the saw-horse hadn't been bolted to the stage I'm sure Ned and Ray's fucking would have moved it by several feet. Jed lifted off my cock. "Here Ned you can have his first load, I need him to get my cock hard again. Knowing Ray he wont last much longer!" Ned withdrew his stiff cock from my mouth and Jed replaced it with his half hard cock. "Suck on it boy, get it nice and stiff; I can't wait to force it up your boypussy!" I began to suck on Jed's half hard cock as Ned took my stiff, quivering cock into his mouth and started to suck on it, more tenderly than Jed had. My jaws really ached, but my bumhole felt funny, there was a dull ache, but I was beginning to like the feeling of Ray's cock fucking my channel. Then Ned swallowed my cock, straight down his throat! When he started working my knob and bit of cock-shaft with his throat muscles as well as still sucking on my cock, I lost it. My body went rigid, I clamped my sphincter tight around Ray's cock and my preteen sex ass own cock exploded and I started filling Ned's mouth with my cum. Jed guessed what was happening and I felt his cock harden in my mouth; somehow I was still working on it. "Save me some of that boy cum Ned, I want to taste him." At the same time Ray cried out. "Oh Christ! Every time he shoots his sphincter tightens around my cock, the little bastard's milking my cock, I'm cumming again." "Keep your cock inside his boypussy when you've finished cumming Ray, keep his bumhole open and ready for my big thick 8 ½ inch cock." Ray pulled me to him again and I felt his spunk start hitting my channel walls as he came again, as hard and as much as preteen naked photography the first time. Ray was still pumping his seed into me as I finished cumming; Ned sucked on my cock until I whimpered. He stood up and walked to Jed, who pulled his stiff cock from my mouth, I looked up, and the brothers kissed, sharing my cum until Jed swallowed it. At last I could rest my aching jaws and get my breath back to normal. Ray had finished cumming, and he did as Jed told him and kept his cock buried inside my channel. I couldn't believe it, but Ray's cock was still hard, I could feel it as he flexed it against my channel walls. A mixture of Ned and Ray's cum and my body juices was still trickling from my abused bumhole. Everybody was sweating, and the smell of man sex hung rank in the air. Jed and Ned broke their kiss. "Let's have a drink Jed before we carry on; and I'll give the kid one, it' ll relax and loosen him up for what we're going to do to him next." Jed filled the four mugs with moonshine, handed two to Ned and took two down to Ray. Ned cupped my head and lifted it smiling at me as he did; and I managed another couple of gulps from the mug he offered me, then a third. It didn't burn so much this time, I was getting used to it; and being drunk was helping me take all the abuse my body was receiving. Ned lay my head back down and drank his moonshine as Jed called out. "How d'you want to do this Ned?" "Let me get my cock in his mouth, then I'll let you know when I think he's ready. Open your mouth boy, I'm going to feed you my cock." I opened my mouth and Ned fed me his hard cock until it hit the entrance to my throat, then he held it there. I needed no instructions, I started sucking and lapping at his shaft immediately. After a couple of minutes Ned called out. "OK boys, whenever you're ready." Ray whipped his stiff cock from my battered bumhole, I winced as it came through my sphincter which had closed a bit. I screamed as Jed rammed his 8 ½ cock straight up my bumhole, not stopping until his ballbag slapped against my hairless arse-cheeks and his crinkly pubes ground against them. As I screamed out Ned shoved forwards and his cock disappeared down my throat, the position of my head giving Ned straight access. I couldn't breathe properly and I could feel myself turning red. "He's took it boys, my cock is all the way down his throat! Let's give him a minute to sort his breathing out." Ned lifted his big balls in their loose, hairy ballbag off my face, and spoke encouragingly. "OK Paul, calm down and breath through your nose, you'll soon get used to my big cock being down your throat. When you've got your breathing no nudes preteens regular start swallowing and your throat muscles will masturbate my cock for me." Not only was I in pain from Jed's big thick 8 ½ inch cock which was rammed up my bumhole, now I had to contend with Ned's 7 ½ inch cock being stuck down preteen hot modela my throat. My own cock had gone soft from the pain of Jed's cock forcing it's way through my aching sphincter. But, after a couple of minutes I got my breathing under control and the pain in my bumhole had reduced to a dull ache again. I tentatively started swallowing, marvelling at the weirdness of having Ned's cock down my throat. As soon as I started swallowing Ned called out. "OK guys he's started swallowing, I think he's a natural cock-slut; carry on fucking him Jed." Somehow I got a perverse pleasure from Ned's words, I wanted to please him, not the other two, so much. I guess I was falling in love, or lust, with him. I kept swallowing as Jed slowly pulled his cock back until just his knob was inside my aching bumhole, then just as slowly he pushed it back in, he kept this pre teen nymphet up for several minutes. In the meantime I felt Ray wipe his cock clean on my sweat covered body, then I felt him engulf my cock with his toothless mouth. I was producing so much saliva it was trickling from the corners of my mouth and I could still feel gooey stuff trickling from my abused bumhole. Jed speeded up, his big cock squelching in and out of my bumhole. I was starting to get pleasure from Jed's fucking and Ray's expert mouth had got my cock hard again. Just then Ned spoke to me again. "Paul, I'm going to pull my cock all the way out of your throat so that you can clear away your saliva, then I want you to relax and I'll push my cock back down your throat." I gasped when Ned's cock left my throat then I swallowed a couple of times to get rid of my saliva, and Ned's precum, which was trickling from his cock-slit. Seconds later Ned's cock was back at the entrance to my throat, but as he pushed forwards I gagged. Ned stopped immediately. "Easy Paul, easy. Just relax as I push forwards, my cock's been down your throat before so you know you can take it." Ned pushed forwards again, I relaxed and his cock slid back down my throat. I was elated, I so wanted to please Ned, who stroked my throat and whispered. "Good boy Paul." The forum preteen photos other two were busy concentrating on using my body and I don't think they heard him. Jed speeded up again and his ball sack was smacking against my hairless arse-cheeks and his big thick cock was pounding my sphincter. Ray had begun to play with my balls and my nipples as he sucked away on my stiff 4 ½ inch cock. I was writhing around as much as my bonds would let me. I suddenly started as a really pleasurable sensation shot through my body, and my cock erupted into Ray's mouth. Ray sucked me dry then lifted off my cock, he kissed my navel and I felt wet sticky stuff on it, he'd kept my spunk in his mouth and now he'd deposited it on my belly, then he smeared it all over my trembling body. My sphincter had spasmed preteens naked underage around Jed's cock every time I'd shot and I'd swallowed faster and sucked harder on Ned's cock while I was cumming. Jed had called out when I started cumming. "Fucking hell this is one sexy boy, he's cumming again and it feels like his tight, slimy bumhole's trying to strangle my cock every time he shoots." I think it was when I came that second time that I realised I was gay. In different circumstances, with the right man I knew that I'd like having a cock down my throat or a cock up my bumhole, or someone sucking me off. And, at that moment, I wanted it to be preteen nonude bikini Ned. Ned, who groaned and cried out. "Oh fuck! The kids throat is bringing me off." Ned pulled back until his cock was back in my mouth, he released his tightening ballbag and his big balls banged against my face. He grabbed my head, holding small preteen breast it steady as he gently moved his cock back and forth in my mouth. I tongued his knob and sucked really hard, I wanted his cum in my mouth, in my belly. Within seconds Ned moaned and jet after jet of preteen kid nude his hot strong cum began to fill my mouth. I was ready for preteen horny boy him and started swallowing Ned's cum immediately. At the same time as Ned started cumming Ray had taken my softening cock back into his talented mouth and was getting me hard again. Ned gasped again when he finally stopped cumming. "That was fucking awesome kid, now keep my cock hard." What are they going to do to me next I wondered as I started suckling on Ned' s cock. Jed meanwhile was still pounding away at my bumhole and Ray was bringing my cock back to life. Ned pulled his stiff cock from my mouth and spoke to Ray. "I'm going to give the kid a breather, his jaws must ache something awful. So I'll suck on his cock and you can suck on mine to keep it hard." Before he moved Ned stuck the dirty cushion under my head again to lift my head and I could see Jed, eyes closed, pounding away at my bumhole; his body was covered in a sheen of sweat. His big, calloused hands were on my arse-cheeks pulling them wide apart, my bumhole really ached but it was beginning to make me feel sexy. I felt Ned take my cock into his mouth, pulling my foreskin back so that he could get at my tender knob. I glanced sideways and saw Ray on his knees with Ned's cock in his mouth. As I watched Ray reached up and grabbed my nearest nipple, my nipples had been so abused they really hurt and I whimpered at his touch. Jed's eyes opened and he stopped fucking me. "Leave the kid's nipples alone Ray, you've abused them enough for tonight, I' ve had an idea. This kid is so fuckin hot I think we should rest him tomorrow and set up a weekend show from Friday night through to Sunday night; like we did with that Mexican kid. This one's real sexy, and white. What do you think?"Ray gave a dirty chuckle as he lifted off Ned's cock to answer. "I think that's a great idea Jed, we'd make a fortune, especially if we let certain people know who his Uncle is, especially Sheriff Pinter, he hates John Ritter almost as much as he hates Sheriff Wade! And we all know how much he likes fucking any young boys." Jed gave a dirty laugh, then spoke to Ned. "Well Ned, what do you think?" Ned raised of my stiffened cock and leered up at Jed. "That's a great idea Bro, we could limit it to guys with grudges against his Uncle and charge double, let them all have a chance to abuse his nephew's body, I'm sure they'd all like to do that. And maybe we'll let them use the straps and paddles on his arse for a grand finale after we've all finished with his throat and boypussy!" As they laughed together I shuddered, I couldn't believe what Ned had suggested. But before Ned took my cock back in his mouth he caught my eye and imperceptibly shook his head. I breathed a sigh of relief, my hero wouldn't let them do that to me! I guessed he'd just agreed with them to keep them sweet. Sheriff Pinter was Sheriff of the neighbouring county, so I guessed this place I was being abused in was in his county. Jed resumed fucking my bumhole at a furious pace, grasping my legs. His eyes were closed again, his face contorted. Ned then swallowed my cock and I quivered as his throat muscles worked on my cock shaft. In minutes I could feel my spunk building little india preteen for the third time, and I cried out. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming." Ned pulled back and started sucking hard on my knob, I bucked and shot jet after jet of boycum into his mouth. Of course every time I shot my sphincter clamped around Jed's thick cock-shaft. His eyes popped open and he shouted out. "Here it comes pussyboy, I'm going to fill your insides with my hot mancum." He buried his cock as far inside me as he could, I felt it swell, and then his hot mancum was splattering the walls of my channel. I finished cumming before he did but I purposely kept clenching and unclenching my sphincter until Jed collapsed against my legs totally spent. "Fucking Hell!" he gasped. "That was unbelievable, his hole is still so fuckin tight!" Ned raised off my cock and stood up. "Don't pull out yet Jed, I want to fuck his sweet boypussy one more time. OK Ray you can stop sucking my cock now." Ray stood and as preteen model sarah Ned walked towards Jed Ray bent over and started working on my softening cock yet again. I groaned as search preteen nudes he asian porn preteen started to play with my balls, kneading and squeezing them. Jed's cock had softened inside me so when he pulled it out, with a squelch and a loud plop, I hardly felt a thing. Then Ned placed his cock on my battered, gaping pucker. "Look at me boy, keep your eyes on my face as I push my big cock all the way into your boypussy." We locked eyes and Ned pushed steadily forwards forcing his thick 7 ½ inch cock into my bumhole. I winced as it broke through my sphincter and gritted my teeth until I felt his balls hit my arse-cheeks. Ned half smiled at me and I smiled back. Then Jed whipped the cushion away. "Clean my cock boy, and don't worry, I don't want you to suck me off again. I 'm saving my next load of mancum for my usual morning fuck with Ned." I had no shame now and took Jed's cock into my mouth, actually savouring the mixture of tastes; my body juices, Ray's cum, Ned's cum and Jed's cum. Jed pulled his foreskin back so that I had total access to his slimy knob. While I slurped on Jed's knob and softening cock I could hear Ned's cock squelching in and out of my battered bumhole as he steadily fucked me. Ray's mouth was working its magic and my cock was rapidly stiffening. Although my bumhole was battered and bruised the knowledge that it was Ned fucking me was turning me on. Jed pulled his cock from preteen cheerleader model my mouth. "While you two finish off I'm going to sort out the equipment for Friday night's session." Ray lifted his mouth off my cock, replacing it with a calloused hand he idly wanked it. "We're not going to use the saw-horse then Jed?" "Not the first night, I'm torn between strapping him to the cross, or chaining him up in an X." "Mmmmmm, chaining him up seems a good idea, total access to his genitals and his boypussy, and we could set up the platform so that ukrainian preteen list his mouth would be available." "Good idea Ray, yes I think that's what we'll do." "Are we going to give him a public enema first, like that black kid last year. That seemed to please everybody." "Sounds good to me Ray. What do you thin Ned." "I can't wait Bro, roll on Friday!" Although Ned was agreeing with them his heart didn't sound in it. Ray went back to working on my cock and balls and Ned started to speed up fucking my bumhole; from his ragged breathing and his groaning I could tell he was close to cumming. After a few more minutes he tensed. "Oh Yeah! I'm gonna cum" Hearing this I started clenching and unclenching my sphincter and I was rewarded when I felt Ned's cock thicken then shoot blast after blast of cum inside me. Ray let go of fuk little preteens my tightening balls, lifted his mouth off my cock and grabbed hold of it. Pointing it up my body he started to furiously wank it. Ned had almost finished cumming when my sphincter tightened even more and I cried out. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, I'm gonna cum again!" My sphincter was so tight around Ned's cock-shaft I must have milked him dry. My boycum shot into the air and spattered down onto my body joining the rest of the cum I was covered in, and Ray spread it all around my body. I must have looked a real mess with my body covered in dry and drying cum. I sank back onto the saw-horse, I was totally spent. My body felt battered, my throat ached, my preteen with horse jaws ached, and my bumhole felt stretched beyond recognition. I was drunk, I was tired and I knew that I wasn't far from passing out. Thankfully Ned's cock was softening as he gently eased it from my ravaged bumhole. I managed to raise my head and feebly smile at him. He smiled back, then joined Ray in untying my arms. When they were free Ned spoke. "Rub his muscles, while I do this arm, get his circulation going." At that Jed walked. "What the fuck you doin? Just undo him and throw him onto a bale of hay." "Very clever Bro, think how long he's been strung up. We want a fit and healthy kid for the weekend, not damaged goods." "Suppose you're right Bro, preteen stocking feet I'll get his legs down." As Jed lowered my legs Ray yawned long and loud, then he farted. "I'm done boys, I'm off to bed." They said their good nights then Jed finished lowering my legs. I cried out as I got pins free preteen ******** and needles when my blood started to circulate. Ned and Jed began massaging my muscles and slowly the pins and needles went away. I ached all over, my bumhole felt on fire, and I could feel gooey stuff still trickling from my abused bumhole. Suddenly I was very tired and I yawned loudly. "OK Ned, he seems OK now, wrap him in the blanket and we'll lay him over there." They wrapped me in the stained blanket and carried me over to a bale of hay. When they'd put me down Jed fitted a fetter to an ankle then attached it to a chain that was embedded in the barn wall. If I could get up I wouldn't be able to get away. As they started to leave the barn, Jed first, Ned put my half full mug of moonshine next to me and whispered. "Drink it Paul, it'll help with the pain, and help you sleep." Ned hung his russian preteen fasion lantern from a nail. "I'm leaving a lantern Jed, keep the rats and bugs away." Then they'd gone. I was shivering even though it was a warm night, so I pulled the dirty old blanket around me after I'd had a good swig of moonshine. I started crying, terrified of the coming weekend if Ned couldn't save me. I kept drifting in and out of sleep even though I finished the moonshine. Eventually the lantern sputtered out and I lay there listening to the noises coming from all over the barn. Then I heard a cock crow. Ten minutes later the door opened and Ned came in, I went to speak, but Ned shushed me. "Don't talk, I'm going to get you out of here, Jed and Ray'll sleep till midday." He unlocked the fetter, picked me up easily and carried me from the barn. Ned placed me on the bed of the preteen bikini competition truck with my head on some sacks. He handed me a bottle of cough medicine saying it might help ease my throat. As I drank it, it did seem to soothe my throat a little, Ned opened the truck door and I heard him grunt, then the truck started rolling, thankfully the track ran downhill from the barn. When we were a good distance from the house Ned jumped into the cabin and started